Pilotage: An Institution dedicated to Brazil.

Pilotage: A fundamental activity for the Safety of Navigation.

Containership berthing at Tecon – Salvador.

Seriousness, Environmental Awareness and Responsibility with the development of the pilotage in the State of Bahia

Boats used for pilot boarding and transporting pilots to and from the pilot station

Bahia Pilots

The company Bahia Pilots was founded on September 23, 2005. It is currently composed of 27 pilots, approved in a selective process organized by the Brazilian Navy that operates in the Bay of All Saints, attending orders for maneuvers of ships, platforms and rafts which travel within it in demand to the various anchors, ports and terminals.

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Constantly pursue excellence and efficiency in the service of practicing, aiming at the safety of maritime navigation, protection of the public and private patrimonial and the preservation of the environment.


Competence, Excellence in the rendering of service. Seriousness, Environmental Awareness and Responsibility with the development of the practice in the Bay of All Saints.


To be a professional reference in the service of practicing, as a source of technical and studies that allow the development of Ports and Terminals of the Bay of All Saints.

Ship Movements

Marked Transactions

25/02 19:09 DAN SABIA Desatracação e Saída PP 4 - BB Oceano Salvador Sextans
25/02 21:10 CHEMSTAR STELLAR Desatracação e Saída TGL - Norte - BE Oceano Salvador Potiguar
25/02 21:10 CELSIUS MANILA Entrada e Atracação Fund A5 TGL - Norte - BE
25/02 22:30 PACIFIC TRADER Desatracação e Saída PP 3 - BE Oceano Salvador Sextans
25/02 22:30 TEAM HOPE Desatracação e Saída TPC - Berço 2 - BB Oceano Salvador
26/02 02:39 OCEAN SPIRIT Desatracação e Saída PP 2 - BB Oceano Salvador Maraú
26/02 02:00 MSC VIDHI Desatracação e Saída Salvador - P. Sul - BE Oceano Salvador

Practice Areas

The Pratical Zone (ZP) corresponds to a geographical area delimited by local peculiarities that hinder the free and safe movement of vessels, requiring the constitution and uninterrupted operation of the Praticagem Service.