RecordTV President speaks at the National Pratical Meeting

Luiz Claudio Costa, president of the station, spoke about the importance of fighting false news

21 de April de 2019

RecordTV President speaks at the National Pratical Meeting Started two days ago in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), the 42nd National Meeting of Practicing brought together practitioners from all over Brazil, as well as practitioners from Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Portugal.

Magistrates from the country’s high courts, parliamentarians and the Minister of Transportation were invited to speak this year.

Practitioners are professionals responsible for safely navigating ships arriving and departing from Brazilian ports. Deputy Admiral Roberto Gondim, director of ports and coasts of Marinha do Brasil, represented the Brazilian maritime authority and spoke about the relationship between the two sectors. “The activity of practicing is indispensable, they are technically very well prepared,” said Gondim.

The highlight of the event was the dissemination of part of a video in which the practitioners pay homage to the Navy. This complete production will be shown on RecordTV in December. The talks focused on topics related to maritime activity and debates on matters of interest to the maritime community.

The president of RecordTV, Luiz Cláudio Costa, was one of the speakers and spoke about fake news and its influence in the Brazilian life. Luiz Cláudio brought the importance of fighting the false news. “The Brazilian port system can no longer be the most efficient by cause of some factors including economic structure that prevent more agility.

If we let false news spread, we will further hamper this productive chain, the international trade of Brazil, the entrance of our country’s foreign exchange, and of course, disrupting the economy. That’s why we are here, in the sense of taking the truth, because Record’s journalism is based on the truth, “said the executive.